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Welcome to my blog. I am an American living in England documenting my adventures in travel, career, and more. Enjoy!

10 Facts About Me That Might Not Come up in an Interview

10 Facts About Me That Might Not Come up in an Interview

I am in the thick of job hunting, and I’ve noticed that in interviews, I don’t have enough time to show employers my whole self. Showing your professional image is important, and because time is limited, interviews focus on how you can add value to the company. However, for any working environment, it is important to know your colleagues on a human level rather than just having business relationships—this makes going to work more pleasant and productive.

Therefore, I have decided to write down some facts that people may not know about me in order to develop a fuller picture of myself rather than just presenting my professional image.

1. I know how to oil paint, and I used to be really good at it. I’ve sold paintings before, and one of my goals is to get back into it as a hobby.

2. I used to be fascinated by YouTube beauty tutorials, so I started to make some of my own when I was younger. One of my videos had 50,000 views, but I became worried that someone I knew would see them, so I took them down. 

3. I have been a pescatarian since I was 12 because of my love of animals. It has led me to try many interesting and delicious foods that I may not have tried otherwise.

4. Yoga and hiking are some of my favorite types of exercise.

5. I am originally from California, so I have moved abroad twice in my life.

6. I prefer losing out on having the latest phone and nicest clothes in order to save my money for traveling. 

7. My guilty pleasures include reading women’s magazines and watching reality television.

8. I love food and going out to eat, but I don't enjoy cooking.

9. I learned the piano, the saxophone, and the violin as a child. I enjoyed the violin the most.

10. I love being busy and productive, but sometimes I am happiest when I spend a day doing absolutely nothing.

I am looking forward to my next full time job so I can meet new people who I can not only learn from but learn about. There is nothing better than having a job in which you really work well as a team with your colleagues.

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