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How I Discovered the Joy of Reading

How I Discovered the Joy of Reading

One of the happiest accomplishments of my twenties has been discovering the joy of reading. I used to read because I had to or I felt that I should, but now I truly love and cherish it as an important part of my life.

The event that sparked this change was moving to Spain. I lived in an apartment without television or WiFi, and as anyone who has moved abroad can relate to, I hadn’t yet built up a solid friendship group. That meant I had a lot of free time to myself, and so I started to read.

Because I was dedicating a solid amount of time to the books I was reading, rather than just picking them up occasionally, I began to get really invested in them (in the same way I would formerly binge watch a Netflix series). Then, my mom bought me a Kindle, and that’s when the habit really took off, since I was able to read books one after another.

Since moving to London, my Kindle has become my trusted companion during my daily commute. Having about an hour of solid reading every day makes me feel like I’m squeezing in some me time that would otherwise be wasted. 

Here is my advice for anyone who is looking to discover the joy of reading as well:

Get a Kindle

They aren’t that expense, they let you can have books on tap, and they are light to carry around. I also love the dictionary feature that allows you to look up words while you’re reading.

Download Overdrive

If you’re a member of a library (or multiple libraries), you can log in to them through this app and search for Ebooks to download for free. I recommend asking friends and family if they have logins you can use also, because some libraries have way better databases than others.

Make it a habit

If you incorporate reading into your daily routine, you will become invested in the books you’re reading. Make it a habit to read on your commute, or in the bath, or before you go to sleep, or while you eat dinner.

Only read books you truly love

I used to try to muscle through books I wasn’t enjoying because I felt like I’d made a commitment to them, but then I’d never want to pick them up. If a book isn’t captivating you, move on.

Keep a list

I have an ongoing list of books that I’ve been recommended or head about on podcasts. Get to know whether you have friends who have similar taste in books, so you can always ask them for recommendations.

Once you’ve discovered the joy of reading, you’ll learn more about what genres of books speak to you. For me, I always gravitate to books that take place in other cultures or time periods, and yes, romances get me hooked. Don’t worry about reading books that you think you should be reading, and focus on the ones that bring you the most joy.

Happy reading!

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