A Surprising Truth About Living Abroad

Some people move abroad to ‘find themselves’, while others simply want to have an adventure to tell their grandchildren about. Whatever the reason, it is an undeniably great way to find inspiration, see new things, and challenge your conceptions of certain places.

For me, both times that I’ve moved abroad have been very humbling. I’ve been able to look at things with a fresh perspective, but most of all, I’ve made a surprising discovery—that all cultures have different prejudices, and noticing them makes you reconsider your own.

Read This Before Deciding to Move Abroad

As I stepped onto the midnight bus to go from Leeds to London to then fly to Seville, I promised myself that I would never put myself through the stress of moving abroad again. Despite my love affair with living in different cultures, it is still painfully difficult to break up with a place that I’ve made my home. I did it in 2010 when I moved from California to England, and in 2015, I was doing it again by moving to Spain.