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My 4 Best Tips for Being Comfortable on Any Flight

My 4 Best Tips for Being Comfortable on Any Flight

As someone who takes a long-haul flight at least once a year and plenty of shorter flights throughout the year, I know how important it is to be prepared. All flights have their challenges, whether it’s an 11 hour Norwegian flight where you don’t get meals or a 2 hour Ryanair flight where passengers are crammed in like sardines.

Over the years, I have found a few key things that help me get through most flights with ease, and they can make the difference between arriving grumpy and flustered or completely unphased. If you’re ready to more like a travel pro, then here are my 4 best tips for being comfortable on any flight.

Know your airline

Some airlines are really strict about how much you can carry on. Some don’t provide earphones. Some don’t let you pick your seat before the flight. Do your research and ask around so you know what to expect and how to prepare.

Keep your essentials close

I always bring a handbag to carry the things I’ll want to easily access on the flight. Earphones. Sleep mask. Portable battery. Chapstick. Toothbrush. Glasses case. This goes under the seat in front of me so I don’t have to worry about getting anything out of the overhead locker (I’m too short!).

Prepare for sleep

You can’t guarantee it, but there are ways of making it more likely. I always wear a large scarf onto a flight that can be rolled up into a pillow or used as a blanket. I always bring an eye mask and comfortable earphones (that won’t fall out) to listen to music. Finally, I do occasionally bring sleeping pills with me, if it’s a long flight and really important I get some sleep. Get them at the airport if you forgot to bring some along.

Don’t wear contacts

Don’t do it! Never! Not even the shortest flight in the world!

No one likes flying (right?), but we all have our ways of making it somewhat more bearable. What are your best tips for being comfortable on a flight?

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