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5 Things I Never Travel Without

5 Things I Never Travel Without

I travel abroad at least every couple of months, an exercise that has taught me what I can travel without (and what I definitely can’t). Since I’m a hand luggage only type of person, I’m not afraid to wear the same outfit every day or bring only a book for entertainment, but there are some things that just make travel so much easier.  

It certainly depends where I’m going (and who I’m going with), but in general, there are a few things that I know I have to bring when I travel:  

Monzo Debit Card 

Monzo is a top up debit card connected to an app on your phone, and it allows you to make payments and withdraw money abroad without any fees. It also tracks how much you spend when you’re abroad, allows you to make budgets, and lets you transfer money and split bills easily with friends who also have Monzo. I highly recommend.


Universal Adapter

I used to bring the specific adapter needed for each country I visited, until I realized that it is so much easier to just bite the bullet and get a universal adapter. I recommend getting one with USB ports as well so you will never be caught short.



It’s lightweight and you can put as many books on it as you want. I really love having a moment with my Kindle when I’m on the train to the airport or I’m waiting for the plane to take off.


Walking Shoes

I know this is obvious, but I’ve been burned a few times from only bringing semi-comfortable shoes (I’m looking at you, Converse) and ending up walking a few agonizing miles too many. New Balances have always served me well, and they’re not hideous.


Waterproof Passport Holder

I have spilled drinks in my handbag wayyyyyyy too many times not to have a waterproof holder for my passport. My passport is my most valuable possession, and did you know that if they get water damage they are not accepted? Can’t have that.


I’m always trying to streamline my packing as much as possible, and that means being on the lookout for items that will make my life easier. I’d be intrigued to know what other people can’t travel without! Let me know yours.

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